Canister Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes (25-Count) (2-Pack) - Maverick Medical

Canister Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes (25-Count) (2-Pack)

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  • For cleaning messes related to boating, biking, fishing, and more
  • Effectively cleans grease, grime, ink, and more without water
  • Citrus formula efficiently handles mobile messes

Grease Monkey wipes are a heavy duty solution for heavy duty cleaning. No access to soap and water? No problem Grease Monkey wipes are pre-moistened and multi-purpose. They are easily accessible and disposable. These wipes use a powerful, citrus formula to safely clean grease, grime, oil, lubricants, adhesives, ink and much more. Grease Monkey Wipes are ideal for cleaning mobile messes associated with biking, boating, driving, fishing, hunting, camping and much more. Put Grease Monkey wipes in your toolbox, emergency kit, saddle bag and glove compartment. Safely clean your skin or a variety of surfaces without harsh chemicals with Grease Monkey Wipes.
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